Track : Oncology, Cancer, Tumor Nursing

The track category is the heading under which your abstract will be reviewed and later published in the conference printed matters if accepted. During the submission process, you will be asked to select one track category for your abstract.

Oncology, Cancer, Tumor Nursing

Oncology is concerned with the diagnosis, therapy, follow up and the palliative care of the cancer victim. Oncology research can be broadly divided into basic oncology and applied oncology. Basic oncology research involves the investigation of the various cellular and environmental processes which lead to cancer, identification of molecules or compounds which exhibit anti-cancer properties; investigation of tumorigenicity etc. Applied oncology deals with diagnosis, therapy, follow up, palliative care, and clinical trials in the field of cancer. Oncologists are specialized in treating cancer and play a crucial role in the diagnosis of the type and the stage of cancer, which sets the stage for treatment.
  • Track 1-1. Bone cancer
  • Track 1-2. Throat cancer
  • Track 1-3. Lung cancer
  • Track 1-4. Brain Cancer
  • Track 1-5. Neuroendocrine tumors and their management